Birdwatcher's and Hiker's Paradise !!

Your visit to the cloud forest may surprise you, for the altitude determines the temperature. The Talamanca Nature Reserve is approximately 4,921 feet above sea level.

During the dry season, January through May, it seldom rains, and in the evening, temperatures can drop to as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Days can be very hot, but not in the forest, where temperature will range around 75 degrees. The Talamanca Nature Reserve is mostly forest and becomes denser annually as flora grows very rapidly because of the twelve-month growing period.

During the rainy season, usually between June and December, the days will be cooler but the nights warmer, as the cloud cover holds the heat at night. The rains usually start around 4:00 PM, and last around twenty minutes to four hours, and occasionally all night. Mornings are generally very beautiful from 6:00am to 4:00pm.

Dinner and visiting in our comfortable restaurant, and it's early to bed and early to rise (as you wish). A sweater may be needed at night, and rain gear is needed during the rainy season. Our cabins are clean, comfortable and pleasant, with hot water in sinks and showers, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

There are miles and miles of inexplicable beauty. Walking tours are available. Guides will be with you at all times on the trails. And of course, there is always the Chirripó National Park, to climb (the starting path is just about 1 kilometer from our gate). Advance reservations are necessary. Internet WiFi are all included.

In our restaurant, you will find a full menu, excellent food, lounge and bar.

See you soon!